CHARLES BRONSON - complete discoghrapy


part 1
1-Why Do You Bother?
2-Little Debbie
3-I'm Sick Of Feminists
4-Your Average Run Of The Mill Straight Edge Song
5-Ricki Lake
6-Just Like All The Rest (Neos)
7-The Shane Song
8-No More
9-Can't Take This
10-Theme Song
11-I Can't Be In A Band With You Because You Like Epitaph (Beatdown Remix)
13-Diet Rootbeer
14-Ebro's Bitter Onslaught On Jerry Springer's Unsuspecting Ass
15-Sick of O.J.
17-Bible Thumpers Go To Hell
19-Security Blanket
20-Why Do You Bother?
22-I Can't Be Friends With You Because You Like Epitaph
23-Easy E's Fucking Dead And I Think It's Fucking Rad
24-Second Hand Choke
25-Theme Song
26-Deaf and Dumb
27-J.R.S. Beatdown
28-They Should Legalize Drugs So You Can Hurry Up And Fucking Die
29-Crooked Teeth
30-Political Prisoners
31-Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
32-You Get What You Pay For
33-Charles Bronson Will Not Turn Into A _______ Band
34-Rich Crusties Shall Pay
35-Fuckin' Drunken Uncle
36-Fratguy On The Barbi
37-I Lied When I Said I Liked Your Zine
38-Playing Lotto
39-Ants In The Kool Aid
40-What The Fuck Are You Going to Do When It's Cool to Be Yourself?
41-Craig Ferris Sucks A Mean Cock
42-Phil Anselmo's Pain Burns In The Heart of My Little Brother
43-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together
44-Tabloid Suckass
45-Cheese With Your Whine
46-4 Alarm Counter Fuck
47-Annual Martyr To Your Social Life
48-History In The Making
49-Tony Victory Knows How to Party
50-Down For The Count
51-4 Hour Personality
52-No Points For The Losers
53-Drunk Punks Is Hippies
54-One Life Crew Goes On Slimfast
55-Debate Team Bakesale
56-I Can Never Write Too Many Songs About Morons Like You
57-Individualized Floor Puncher
58-Batting A Thousand And Still Striking Out
59-Let's Start A Revolution So I Can Break Some Shit
60-The Great Pet Rock Comeback
61-What's Wrong With Me? (Faith)
62-Dream A Little Dream
63-Punching A Gift Horse In The Mouth
64-The Story Of My Life
65-Grown Up Corpses
66-Bike Pig On A Rope
67-I'm So Smart Now
68-As Fucked As Gator
69-Skate For God
70-You Will Go (Steve Caballero)
71-Better Never Than Late
72-412 Wolfpack
73-Marriage Can Suck It
74-Youth Attack!
75-The Painful, Yet Unavoidable, Deathstar Comparison
77-Too Much of a Good Thing
78-Standing In Front Of Bulldog Records
79-Stock Footage
80-Pre (Im)mature Retirement Plan
81-The Only Time I Think About Romance Is When I Wonder Why I Don't Think About It
82-Deaf And Dumb
83-Fuck Technology, I'll Keep My Pocket Change
84-Red And Green Make Yellow
85-Let's Start Another War So I Sing About Stopping It
86-I Just Can't Avoid The Void In "Avoid"
87-Wastoid On The Celluloid
89-Close Encounters Of The Nerd Kind
90-I.Q. 32 (Necros)
91-Punch Drunk (Husker Du)
92-The Tears Of A Clone
93-Last Warning (Who Fucking Cares)
94-Why Be Something That You're Not? (Good Question)
95-Rich Crusties (Live At Otto's)*
96-Seven More Shitty-Ass Songs (Live In Fuckin' Belgium)

1-Why Do You Bother Ebro?
2-Couldn't Fuckin' Care Less
3-Whatever Happened?
4-Mindless (Blah Blah Blah)
5-The Worm Song
6-The Kids Are Gonna Stick Together
7-Falling Off - Do It!
8-E.S.P. Girls Love Me
9-Wailing Guitar Solos Vol. 1, A Chronology
10-(Fuck Being) Positive
13-So What If I Puked Up McDonald's?
15-Ralph On Ralph
16-Twiggy On My Mind
17-Cous Cous On The Loose Loose
18-Telecom U$A
19-I Go To School
20-Cross Me (Project X)
21-Untitled (DeKalb Hatedge Forever)


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